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Easily book a range of vehicle checks

We offer a range of scheduled and optional vehicle checks to give you peace of mind about the continuing safety, performance and reliability of your Subaru. Simply check the box and submit the form below to book your vehicle checks.

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During every scheduled service, our factory-trained technicians will examine every aspect of your Subaru, including all components and software, to ensure your car is in the best possible condition to continue to deliver outstanding safety, capability and performance for you. If we find any work is needed, we’ll explain and price it for you. No work will be done without your prior authorisation.


Every car over three years old is required by law to pass an annual MOT test to prove it’s safe and legal to be on the road. Our technicians will carry out dozens of checks on your Subaru, ranging from the brakes, fuel and exhaust system to tyres, lights, mirrors, seatbelts and windscreen wipers.

Brakes and suspension check

Our factory-trained technicians will examine your Subaru’s Brake and Suspension system, including bushes and assembly parts, and advise if any immediate work is required to make your vehicle safe. No work will be carried out without your permission.

Tyre check

Safe driving needs safe tyres. It’s important to regularly check the condition of your tyres as they’ll naturally begin to wear over time. This will impact not only on your driving experience, but also the safety and legality of your vehicle. We’ll check the pressure, tread depth and look for any damage on all of your tyres, including the spare.

Summer Health check

Regardless of when your car was last serviced, our 30-minute summer health check will give you peace of mind that your Subaru is properly up for the challenge of summer road trips and outdoors adventures. The effects of wear and tear aren’t always obvious and you need your car to be in tip-top condition to continue to deliver optimum performance all year round.

Air conditioning check

Is your Subaru’s air conditioning not working as well as it used to? Whether you’re running it to bring warm air into the cabin in winter months or to introduce a flow of cool air to counteract summer heat, your car’s air conditioning system will occasionally need re-charging. Our air conditioning re-charge service ensures you can continue driving in optimum comfort at any time of the year.


Want to book your car in for a scheduled service or optional check by our trained Subaru technicians? 

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