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Subaru cars feature a range of advanced engineering, technology and safety systems as standard - to deliver an exceptional driving experience at all times.


How your car handles in different road and weather conditions is key to driver confidence. With a range of technology to enhance your drive, you can expect an engaging experience every time you drive your Subaru.

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Subaru's core technologies make the difference. These innovations set us apart, allowing us to deliver the unique driving experience that only our vehicles can provide.

We want to ensure our cars are better where it matters. These core systems enable us to offer exceptional standards of safety, capability and reliability - for your ongoing driving enjoyment and peace of mind.

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We believe world-class safety is essential, not an optional extra - so our cars are fitted with a host of innovative safety technologies as standard.

It's our ambition to eliminate traffic accident deaths involving Subaru vehicles by 2030.

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Access your car's audio system, make phone calls and set the navigation with ultimate ease.

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Comfort & convenience

Your comfort and convenience plays a key part in an engaging and enjoyable driving experience. So we offer a range of features designed to make life a little easier for you and your passengers.

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