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Recycling to help the environment

Subaru is committed to exploring more sustainable manufacturing processes and smarter recycling.

More sustainable manufacture, smarter recycling.

Subaru don’t just make cars that stick to the earth; we make cars that are kinder to the earth, too. We’re committed to reducing air pollutants and sustainability wherever possible in the production of our vehicles.

Improving recycling and fuel efficiency is paramount in our quest to support responsible car production and use.

We believe that it is critical to take a pro-active role to reduce the environmental impact at every stage in the life cycle of our vehicles, development, production, use and final disposal. More efficient utilisation of resources and re-using scrap material (or using them as an energy resource) has reduced the impact on the environment due to the depletion of natural resources and the reduction in the potential pollution related to landfill.

Recycling is a key issue in product design: design now takes recycling into consideration by using alternative materials and build techniques. One of the most positive contributions to the reduction of the overall environmental impact is automotive recycling. In Europe, automotive recycling is governed by the End of Vehicle Life (ELV) Directive.

Find out more about Subaru and the ELV Directive

Already we are:

  • Using materials that are easy to recycle
  • Making advances in wire harness dismantling
  • Making identification of materials (used on bumpers etc.) easier
  • Improving proper disposal (reduction of Freon gas (air-conditioner coolant), advances in airbag disposal).
  • Recycling waste materials (paint sludge).
  • Actively utilising recycled materials sourced from other industries
  • Cooperating with Subaru distributors to gather old parts and recycled parts.
  • Recycling each part in used bumpers.
  • Reducing pollutants included in parts.

Currently, Subaru achieves an Automotive Shredder Residue score of 95% which meets the 95% target set down for manufacturers. This basically means the percentage of materials that are recycled when the car is scrapped.